Our home is the seaside town of Gibsons, on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. Cut off from British Columbia’s metropolitan heartland by spectacular Howe Sound, Gibsons locals have always been at home on the water. For generations the town’s harbour has been home to all manner of working craft, each one unique in detail and purpose but together defined by their utilitarian design and unadorned functionality.

When we began production in 1996, we focused our efforts on crafting reliable and efficient water taxis and crew transport boats for British Columbia’s logging industry, and our hand-built aluminum hulls quickly gained a reputation for their strength and structural integrity. Ten years later we moved into the pleasure craft market and haven’t looked back. While the yachts we build stand out for their beauty and their luxurious detail, they still boast the strength, power, and reliability of the aluminum-hulled work boats that inspired them.

A quarter century in, Coastal Craft’s story is one of vision, perseverance, and a tireless drive for perfection. It is a proud example of what a leader and a team of talented local craftspeople can accomplish with a shared commitment to building something of significance for their families, their customers, and their community.




We first established our reputation as a builder of solid, reliable 22’ to 25’ water taxis and crew transports. Up and down the BC coast, word began to spread.


New Techniques & Directions

Now with over forty employees at our production facility, we adopted a range of modern design tools, allowing for CNC cutting of all plate materials.


New Directions

Responding to demand from quality-focused customers, we introduced pleasure yachts to our model lineup for the first time. These featured our existing models’ hand-built structural integrity, with a new, luxurious finish.


Evolving Designs

We introduced industry leading onboard conveniences including early “smart boat” technology, bringing in touch screen controls along with remote access monitoring and vessel control to every owners’ phone and computer. The introduction of high capacity lithium house batteries, working in conjunction with smart inverter/chargers, provided seamless onboard power conveniences to owners, regardless of shore power constraints or concerns about generator use.


A State-of-the-Art Joinery Shop

We modernized our wood joinery shop to incorporate 3D design software.


Motor Yachts

We introduced our flagship 56’, powered with twin Volvo IPS 1200. The 30 ton high-speed luxury yacht wowed the industry with its luxurious onboard spaces, exterior and interior finishing, and attention to detail. By incorporating the absolute latest in technology and onboard sophistication, along with the new level of interior finishes, the 56’ elevated the company from a boat builder to a yacht manufacturer.



We introduced our first award winning yacht, the 65’ Concord (“AIM’s 2014 Motor Yacht Of The Year”), to our lineup of luxury yachts. This three-stateroom motor yacht (with optional crew quarters) was built with an enclosed Sky Lounge and a Flybridge with and without hardtop.


The Full Circle

We re-entered the small boat market with our exciting 30’ and 33’ ProFish models, both powered by twin outboards. Shortly thereafter, the all new 33’ ExpressFish, with its swept back one piece windshield, large sunroof and fritted side windows, was launched. This exciting new model was an instant hit with a new segment of the marketplace for its distinctly different design and style of cabin. The ProFish and ExpressFish models are both high end sport-fishing boats tailored to the discerning boater looking for the ultimate in strength, safety and style. The demand for these very capable, fast, economical luxury fishing boats is apparent as the demand continues to grow today.


Ongoing Success

We expanded our outboard-powered offerings with our new 41’ T and 42’ ExpressFish models. Both these ocean-going high speed sedans feature a brand new Deep V hull design capable of speeds of over 55 knots and powered with quad outboards. Each boat, with its own individual and distinct style, caters perfectly to its intended market. Look for both of these serious yachts either blasting across the Gulf Stream between Florida and the Bahamas or navigating the notoriously challenging 400-mile stretch of open ocean across the Gulf of Alaska.