If you want something built right, build it yourself. For twenty-five years Coastal Craft has followed that mantra, and today we continue to hand build each and every craft in our Gibsons BC plant. You can feel it in the integrity and strength of each Coastal Craft Yacht; it is there throughout every stage of design and construction.



In 2007, Coastal Craft became the first company to design and build an aluminum boat powered with the Volvo Penta IPS System. Neither Volvo Canada nor Volvo USA had experience integrating their IPS into an aluminum boat at the time, and in fact, at the time there had only been two boats worldwide of any kind with the IPS installed.

This is only one example of Coastal Craft’s continuous push toward perfection – an elusive goal which nevertheless animates our drive and desire for constantly improved performance and value in our crafts.

As this process was new to both companies, all integration and certification work was done at the Coastal Craft plant, rather than in Chesapeake Va., home of the Volvo IPS integration center. We were humbled that Volvo America and Volvo Canada would work with us, hand in glove, and we remain steadfast partners in high performance.


Our dedicated yacht fairing and painting craftsman take great pride in the finishes they produce time and time again. Their painstaking efforts and attention to detail mean the difference between a painted boat and luxury yacht finish. From grinding and etching to priming and fairing to final primers and top coats no corners are cut. Using industry leading Awlgrip Yacht coatings and fairing products ensures the best possible adhesion, smoothest surfaces and highest gloss marine finishes. These topside products include etch primers, ultra-build and high-build primers, spray fair, final primers and top coatings. Special engine compartment coatings are applied to interior bilges and mechanical spaces. Sound dampening coatings are strategically applied to areas within each vessel to reduce vibrational, air borne and mechanical noises. Bottom paint coatings included etch primers, epoxy barrier coatings and antifouling bottom paints. These speciality yacht paint products, in the hands of our professional craftspeople, produce the most beautiful and long lasting finishes in the industry.


There is no substitute for building it yourself. No shortcuts, no off-the-shelf solutions. Our success rests on a hands-on approach where we treat each boat as an integrated whole.

We see the process through, from start to finish, under one roof. Using cutting-edge computer-aided design technology, we set the blueprint for each precision cut and weld, for each element of the woodwork and cabinetry, for the wiring, the soundproofing, fairing, and painting. Our team works together as one to create yachts where every element is in precisely the right place.

We believe in driving our craft forward through constant innovation. Sometimes that has meant incorporating cutting-edge propulsion technologies into our yachts, as we did with Volvo Penta’s Integrated Propulsion System in 2007 – the first time it had ever been installed in an aluminum boat. Other times it has meant perfecting the design of our celebrated aluminum hulls, as in our new 41T and 42’ ExpressFish models, whose Deep V hull enables exhilarating top speeds. We believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. This philosophy is what propels us.


Coastal Craft has earned an enviable reputation for producing some of most luxurious yacht interiors in the industry. The latest design and manufacturing technology, in the hands of a true craftsperson, produces exacting results. Interior spaces, cabinets and surfaces are created and modelled using 3D software. This technology provides “screen to machine” processing. A CNC router table with multi-bit head cuts and machines parts and pieces that are then assembled, finished and installed in each yacht. Solid wood, plywood, plastics and plexiglass products are processed using the CNC router table.  Only the highest quality and lightest materials and goods are selected for their strength, quality and ascetics. Because our quality is only as good as our weakest link, you’ll only find the highest quality hardware, latches, hinges, adhesives, finishes and fasteners on every Coastal Craft. The combination of high quality products, utilizing the latest technology in the hands of dedicated true craftspeople, results in the most appealing interiors available today.